The Cameraman’s Revenge

Nothing is more pleasing to me than to suddenly feel like the future is just a mirror image of the past. Society goes to such great lengths to pat itself on the back and marvel at how far it has come, but strip away the modern advances in technology and you quickly find that humans have changed very little, even if the world around them seems to be constantly in a state of flux.

The Camerman’s Revenge is an early Russian stop animation by Wladyslaw Starewicz that depicts the story of Mr. and Mrs. Beetle, who just happen to be beetles, and the jealousy that erupts from Mr. Beetle finds his wife is having an affair with a grasshopper. Like any modern man, Mr. Beetle put his camera to his bedroom keyhole and captures his wife in the act. Later, he projects the film at a theater. It’s not digital cameras and Internet movies, but it is pretty much the same then as it is now.

The stop motion animation is amazing and the use of insects in place of humans adds a second level of humor to the less than splendid behaviors on exhibit. The time and care that the animator took to create this funny ten minute film far exceeds all the time and talk that seems to surround recent celebrity sex tape and cellphone scandals. But then again, when hasn’t real art taken a backseat to shock and spectacle?


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