Piano Tuner of Earthquakes

While admittedly I am no longer the biggest fan of fantasy films I do have a weak spot for the Brother’s Quay. Where once, I used to adore the works of Burton, Gilliam, and the like, I now yawn and feel disaffected by their flights of fancy. But, the Brother’s Quay have always astounded me with their animations. Until now.

Piano Tuner of Earthquakes did little more than make me regret going to see it. Either expectations were too high or something in the film was amiss. Beautiful to look at and wonderful to lose yourself inside of, the film as a whole fails only because it tries to inject a narrative where perhaps one is not needed. Clunky narration that only repeats action seen on the screen does not help bring light to a dark and confusing plot. I would have rather forgone all narration and even most of the dialog for a dreamscape where I must fend for myself and weave my own narrative.

Due to poor sound during the screening, there were many such moments when I was unable to tell if the dialog was in English or a foreign tongue. Those were the most splended moments and that is in some ways a rather sad statement. By the end of the night I wish I eithe shown up early and watched the screening of short Quay Brothers’ films or gone out to see the new Scorsese film, not that I’m looking that forward to a remake.


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