World Gone Wild

So what if this water-starved post-apocalyptic seven-samurai rip-off has Bruce Dern and Adam Ant in the same film. The same film is somewhat of a lame film. A great afternoon eater, filled with laugh enducing dialog, World Gone Wild really ain’t all that wild. It’s more like every other film about life after the bomb. There’s some resource that’s in great deman – here it is water – and you have good guys and bad guys fighting each other for it. There’s also a lot of rock music. Cockroaches, rock music and shitty films are three things guarnateed to live on after the bomb.
I will say this, there doesn’t seem to be much originality in the future or in the late 80’s That’s when a lot of this rag-tag, ripped to shreds, plutonium-punk swill came out. For all of today’s nostalgia over the 80’s it might be good to remember just how fearful everyone was of nuclear holocaust and losing our natural resources. It’s almost shocking that today similiar films are not being produced.


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