Slaughterhouse Rock

I picked up this curiosity at a mom and pop video store that was selling off their VHS tapes. The disinterested teenagers working, if you could call it that, there looked at me rather oddly when I approached the counter with my arms full of VHS boxes. They looked at me like I look at old women who hold up grocery store lines while they write out checks.

Ya, I know DVD’s are in. It’s the digital age. VHS is foreign to these kids. But, I didn’t bother explaining that some films still haven’t made it to DVD. Since all the Chris Farley films are on DVD, these yokels think everything is on DVD. Fine with me. It leaves the out-of-print VHS tapes ripe for my picking.

Slaughterhouse Rock was something I had never heard of before I wandered into the store. One look at the faded cover made me realize it was worth snatching up. Toni Basil (“Oh Mikey” singer) stars as a rockstar who’s ghost is trapped on Alcatraz Island. The island is haunted by sadistic ghost. It’s up to braindead college kids to save the day, natch. Best of all Devo does the soundtrack. It’s that last one that made me guess this was OOP.

Turns out the film is not that great, not that bad. The dialog is drop dead hilarious, but the scenarios and effects are run of the mill. Certainly it was worth picking up and it’s fun to laugh at, probably even more so with others in the room. However, should have been far wilder or dumber or both.


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