Food of the Gods

Bert I. Gordon tries to bring the 50’s sci-fi matinee into the 70’s. Food of the Gods is a loosely adapted H.G. Wells tale of man vs. nature. What Gordon lends to the production are giant rubber insects and rats, lots and lots of rats. It’s all so fake. It’s all so laughable.

Adding to the hilarity is the always over-the-top performance of Marjoe Gortner. What makes this film most memorable is serious tone of Marjoe’s narration that foretells of nature taking its revenge on man. Rarely is narration this dramatic and this expositional. He is either clueless to the level of production synoymous with Bert I. Gordon’s name, he is purposefully hamming it up, or he truly believes in the project or its moral message. It could be a bit of all three.

Wells maybe right to believe that nature has a way of putting man in his place. On the other hand, Food of the Goods only ends up proving that a ballsy, dashing all-American quarterback can kick mother nature’s ass. This is the sort of red-blooded heroism Americans want to see, not some moral compass like An Inconvenient Truth.


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