Companeros is a full plate. What’s not to love about a spaghetti western that features Jack Palance as a marijuana addicted Americano traipsing about south of the border with his trust falcon and a hand made of wood? For that matter how can you not applaud a film for using a mole, a wicker basket, and a man’s genitals in a torture sequence?

I have always loved the look and feel of spaghetti westerns – gritty, open, violent, but I also get agitated by the forced humor. Being a buddy film, Companeros‘ laughs come from two mis-matched men forced to get along. I often feel that Italian humor often gets lost in the translation. One is never sure if you are laughing at the dubbing or a joke.

I still can’t decide if the film is long or simply dense with action and story. There is an episodic quality to the film. After two hours I grew to like the two main characters so much that I could have watched their tale continue for another two hours, perhaps on a different night.


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