School of Rock (2003)

I never planned on rewatching this film, at least not this soon. A second go around proves what I already suspected. The only thing that can upstage Jack Black is a giant CGI gorilla.

School of Rock really should have been about the kids. The story was great. The music was fun, though they must have paid a bundle to clear all those rights. Sadly, all its positive attributes are overshadowed by one, loutish, shifty-eyed, boor. School of Rock is a not a film, Jack Black without restraint and it’s a shame that people champion this sort of hyper-spastic behavior. In reality, were we to be subjected to such a person we would treat them with great disdain.

From here on out his Black’s man-child antics are over-exhausted. His time is up and here’s to hoping that he fades away rather than dying young. The last thing we need is a new Chris Farley.


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