Bug (1975)

Bugs are always a ripe subject for horror. Insects are alien looking, they out number us by the millions, maybe billions, and the comes across as aggressive. Personally, I don’t fear the bugs I can see. It’s the thought of what they are doing when my eyes are shut that disturbs me the most.

Bug the movie was William Castles last film. He wrote and produced this tale of ancient, fire-starting cockroaches. An earthquake unleashes the creatures, but an obsessive professor (Bradford Dillman) turns the infertile menace into a hellish hyper hybrid.

The bugs sure are creepy, more so when they are crawling then sparking fires.  The acting is modest. The electronic score, sometimes sounds like hissing insects, other times it simply annoys. Highlights come when the firebugs swarm onto cat, when they ignite a woman’s hair on fire and when one tunnels into a person’s ear.

As far as last films go, Castle could have done worse. The film steers clear of moral messages. The effects are decent and overall the movie builds to a psychologically surreal ending as the professor gets consumed by his madness and his creation.


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