I know I’ve written at length on this film once before. Though I am shocked at just how much I wrote. Was it only two and half years ago that I last watched this film? No, there was probably another time between then and now.  I’ve watched this film more times than I ever should have. It’s not like I’m crazy over the film, but it has a way of sucking you into watching it. Bot because it’s pornographic, and that’s what it really is, but because Gums shows so much creativity and humor that it truly deserves to be rediscovered, even studied as an example of a rare point in time when porno strove to do more than just excite and titillate. It actually tried to put asses in theater seats.

Today’s film audiences forget that at one point in time X rated films played in theaters and that mainstream audiences were being lured to come see these movies. Any film, like Gums, that had an angle had a leg up on the competition. While I imagine that few female patrons find the film enjoyable – perhaps memorable, but nothing remarkable – I am sure many males were able to convince their ladies to go check out a sex-comedy film that parodied Jaws.


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