Hamburger…The Motion Picture (1986)

Hamburger‘s plot revolves around Russell, a  young Lothario who has been kicked out of every college he’s attended for his sexual shenanigans. His last hope for a degree lies in Busterburger University a corporate campus for an extremely capitalistic burger chain.

Russell teams up with a wacky ensemble of rejects all working towards earning their diplomas. Standing in their way is the drill serergant like instructor known as Drootin, played by ex-football star Dick Butkus. Can Russell keep his meat in his pants and earn his degree?

The film is stacked high with lame jokes about sex, obesity, bodily functions, even race and gender. Everything is overly proceeded, predictable, and stale. The lude and crude humor like fast food is cheap to produce, provides instantaneous satisfaction, often with an aftertaste of regret, but ultimately it is forgettable. It’s no surprise that someone connected the two and created this tasteless film. Still, there are some odd pokes at the over-indulgent nature of fast food consumerism and the gung-ho capitalist spirit of those who run these sort of operations. The film’s theme song demotes a strange timbre of sarcasm about America’s love for burgers, that nearly redeems the fact that it’s highly annoying and catchy – like a bad fast food jingle.

Ultimately, this forgotten film, passed over in the age of DVD resurrection is not that different from today’s gross-out comedies and it is certainly far more forgivable, if not less offensive than anything Larry the Cable guy has ever cooked up.


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