Night of the Blood Beast (1958)

More sci-fi scares about returned astronauts bring alien lifeforms back with them. Since it was made before the space race its some what excusable. The fears of the unknown make for rip terror. However, there is little to tremble at. As with many films of this era, there is a lot of talking and the alien stays just off frame until the end. Night of the Blood Beast is comical in both its dated, bogus technological jargon and its serious, but unconvincing drama that ends with horribly cheesy alien creature.

This sort of movie either entertains or bores and the difference depends on the viewer. For me, the sci-fi, horror films of the 50’s have a wonder innocence, meaning that they lack in sex and violence, but at the same time there is always something backwards about their logic and their attitude. While not as crazy and carefree as films of the 70’s, these 50’s films possess a very politically incorrect vibe, that is veiled behind their innocence and at the same time it does not gel with our modern politically correct attitudes.


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