The Wild Beasts (1984)

Sometimes, when I’m programming films for Basement Cinema, I don’t realize how great the pairing is until I sit down and watch the films with an audience. Call it double features by intuition. The double feature of The Food of the Gods and The Wild Beasts, was originally conceived because both films features crazed animals who either grew to great proportions or went on rampages because of something they ingested. Still, theres a menagerie of films that could meet this criteria, I just happened to pick these two for one reason or another.

Getting to see the last few moments of The Food of the Gods before sinking into all of The Wild Beasts, I quickly remembered that both films had something else, other than wild animals. They both end on a real twisted note that is strikingly similar, almost uncanny. I’m not going to spoil the ending here. Instead, you should track down the films and find out for yourself.


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