A Christmas Story (1983)

Yes, again.

I guess seeing this two times in one year is far less than most will have to endure. May God take pity on those souls that were stuck watching the all day marathon.

Being repeatedly subjected to this film, one I used to enjoy, has continually made me re-evaluate and further dissect the film. On this viewing I was struck by the selfish, though expected, actions of Ralphie and his classmates who first dare their friend to stick his tongue to a metal pole and then abandon him.

Back in the classroom the teacher lays a heavy guilt trip on the students for not confessing as to who dared the poor child to do such a stupid thing. Through narration were hear Ralphie expressing how adults love to do this sort of thing to kids, but kids are smart and know that its best to get away with whatever you can and never confess to anything.

In another instance Ralphie gets caught dropping the F-bomb. While he gets his mouth washed out with soap as a minor form of punishment, he falsely states that one of his friends taught him the word. This leads to a phone call and the sounds of a far worse punishment being belted out on the other end of the phone line. Poor Ralphie’s innocent friend gets a whooping and Ralphie is almost grinning at how he got himself off the hook.  Sure, he’s got soap in his mouth, but that beats a beating any day.

As I’m watching all this my neurons are firing and I’m thinking to myself, where here it is folks, here’s the explanation for the lack of sever outrage at our current President. Sure, it’s a far leap from A Christmas Story to  the George Bush story, but as a society, we’ve given up on It’s a Wonderful Life and George Bailey and his dumb old building and loan. We’ve said screw you to helping others and pined for out Red Ryder BB gun. We’ve found it better not to try to make things right, but to get away with as much as we can and hope that some other sap takes our licking.

That’s the new meaning of Christmas.


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