Another State of Mind (1984)

Another State of Mind may be a tour video of Social Distortion and Youth Brigade, but for a young straightedge punk the real joy of the video was getting to see Ian MacKaye. The clean living lead singer of Minor Threat is works at a Häagen-Dazs and performs in his cramped basement with his fellow band members. These brief moments are humanizing and inspiring. The image of MacKaye is that a typical teen, who just happens to avoid vices like sex, drugs, and alcohol and vocalize his choices through hardcore music. He stands in sharp contrast to that of Mike Ness. The lead singer of Social Distortion operates in n the more traditional and socially expected mode of punk – outrageously dressed, rowdy, and often drunk. Ness perfects his image in front of a mirror and talks about wasting his days away watching television and waiting to go out at night and get drunk with his friends. The difference between the two lead singers shows seperate roads that a young punk could wander down, but both Ness and MacKaye end up on stage proving the legacy of punk – kids playing their hearts out for other kids.

Another State of Mind online


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