Pull My Daisy (1959)

It was to be a night of drunks, drug addicts, and beatniks. Due to a technological snafu, we were unable to watch The Connection, so we jumped right to Pull My Daisy. Personally, this film is hit or miss for me. I’ve seen it and loved its off-beat rhythms and its air of spontaneity. Tonight, agitated by the technical problems I found the antics of the Ginsberg, Corso, Orlovsky, et al. to be agitating, juvenile, pointless. Their free-spirit flew in direction opposition to my planned agenda. I cannot help it is the night ran amiss by things seemingly out of my control.  Still, I felt responsible and could not easily get over the need to change the plan. Perhaps, I would have made a lousy beatnik. In fact, I know I would.


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