Videodrome (1983)

With this entry I begin a new catagory of posts wherein I speak of a viewing experience that includes commentary.

David Cronenberg states that James Woods is not an American film actor because he is a member of MENSA and an extremely intelligent person. Cronenberg also finds most American films to be lacking in intelligence. I can’t say I disagree with the man and should my worst fear come true, should some Hollywood producer get the grand idea to remake Videodrome I think we’ll see the proof.

What makes Videodrome so astonishing is its acute place in history; a time before the mass proliferation of home computers, before the Internet, before the multitude of ways we can plug in, log in, and live our fantasies. We’ve reached a point where two girls and cup has reached the cultural consciousness, it has gone mainstream, and without the slightest consideration of how this changes us. It’s a gag, a piece of meme, something for the 00’s Trivial Pursuit set being made as we speak.

A reworking of Videodrome done today, would simply update the technology, but not the consequences. It will be a thriller, a whodunit, a mess of mystery rapped in the latest dazzling digital technology and gross-out effects. It will be totally off the mark. Like putting young faces in old roles, Hollywood changes the only the surface and I have to agree with Cronenberg, it is not too smart.


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