In the Company of Men (1969)

No, not the mean lil’ Neil LaBute film, but the social documentary made by William Greaves. This In the Company of Men documents a series of psychodramas played out by hardcore unemployed blacks and young white foremen aspiring to climb the corporate ladder. The film is designed to be both a training tool and visual depiction of the tension and strife that exists in certain work situations due to a simple lack of misunderstanding and ignorance.

Bristling with all the intensity of a Cassavetes’ film, Greaves has shot and constructed an unpredictable and charge work of film. The scene where the black employee explains his growing disillusionment over never being promoted to shop clerk, a position his white supervisor thinks to be boring or undesirable, is amazingly harrowing and while both men are just playing parts their guises do little hide the pain and frustration or the lack of concern, even hatred that lies beneath.


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