The Grasshopper (1967)

Oh, what a tease!

Oh, what a tease!

Jacqueline Bisset can’t find the right man. She walked out on the one truly great guy in her life. He was a practical man, a working man, the kind of guy who has a job at a bank and is saving his money for a better tomorrow. She didn’t want to wait for tomorrow. So, she packs her bags and hops into bed with various men. In three short years she transforms herself from a nineteen year old girl to a burnt out and dejected prostitute.

Let’s this be a lesson to you ladies.

The Grasshopper has all the makings of a porno, but it lacks all the sex and nudity. It’s a hardcore story with less than soft-core titilation. There are a lot of pasties and many lecherous sleazeballs, but for a film with such a nasty spirit this is pretty tame fare.

The Grasshopper lacks all the humor and satire of Candy or the comic Phobe Zeitgeist. This just feels like misogyny. It makes me wonder why so many male directors are driven to tell stories about women who stumble into prostitution. It’s even more curious when the woman ends up a prostitute after refusing the help or advice of a man. The most suprising fact about The Grasshopper is that Gary Marshall had a large hand in its making. The film is a far cry from Laverne & Shirley. Though Laverne (Penny Marshall) does show up as a groupie for a band with tight pants. In fact one character proudly states, “You’ll love these guys, they have the tighetest pants.”

Feminists could have a field day with this picture.


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