Beer League (2006)

They must have hid the funny in those additional 145 minutes.

They must have hid the funny in those additional 145 minutes.

For all the hype and self-promotion this film received on The Howard Stern show, there is really nothing here worth talking about. What feels more like a self-indulgent venture amongst friends, fails to be a comedy or a sports film. Perhaps, Beer League should be filed under Mystery. The big question being, what exactly is so wrong with this film?

Artie Lange is no leading man. His quips and interjections make good banter on a radio show, but here all of his dialogue sounds like non sequiturs mixed with exposition. While a few lines produced chuckles, i might as well have just read the script and saved myself from suffering through a roster of retched performances. Everyone’s timing is off the mark, no one is reacting to one another, and the direction is scattered. Frank Sebastiano has a ton of writing and producing credits to his name, but both his resume and this film express a severe lack of inability to think visually. The montages of baseball and physical comedy eclipse the excruciating verbal humor in this film. Still, most painful of all is watching Seymour Cassel deliver some of the most vulgar lines in a manner that leaves me wondering if he even knows what he’s saying.


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