Soul Power (2008)

I once read a quote attributed to Yoko Ono. In short it said that if you filmed something, anything, even the banal or mundane and then buried the film for 50 years it would be important. I like this idea of film as a time capsule and I’d love to know where I buried this quote from Yoko Ono.

Soul Power is a time capsule film. Shot in 1974, footage of a legendary, but now forgotten, soul concert in Zaire finally gets assembled and released in 2008.Time has done wonders for the film. More time could be spent placing the concert in context and stressing the relevancy and politics behind the concert, much like this film’s sister picture When We Were Kings does for the boxing match that took place in Zaire along with this concert. However, to suddenly interject modern interviews into this footage might diffuse the beauty and energy from what is on display. What the film lacks in a strong narrative it makes up lyrical beauty. The grainy 16mm film soaked with color and the fragmented editing play out like a dream or memory.


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