Space Chase (1990)

I will never understand the urge that drives people to waste their time and money making films like Space Chase. Do they expect to get rich or even re-coup their money by making a spectacularly crappy Star Wars knock-off, especially when they make it 7 years after the Return of the Jedi?

To put things in context, the Star War franchise was probably at its lowest point around 1990. It had been five years since the Droids and Ewoks cartoons were made. George Lucas was still licking his wounds from Howard the Duck and Tucker: The Man and His Dream. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was his last big box office success and the much Star Wars prequels were not even being discussed. The Timothy Zahn novels had not been published and for but a few die-hard Star Wars fans, the saga was frozen in carbonite.

The absence of Star Wars left a void for the creators of Space Chase. Sadly, what they saw as an opportunity to continue the tradition of action filled space operas only became an opportunity to create a highly laughable and often groan inducing flick. The fact that they were trying to make a million dollar film on a welfare budget doomed the production. It’s not as if they were making this in 2009 when a tech savvy fan-boy with a home-computer and some digital skills can crank out Industrial Light and Magic quality effects from their parents basement. Today’s fan-boy films are more technically polished than Space Chase and they certainly don’t try to create their own universe or mythology.  Space Chase simply suffers from over-reaching, untalented creators dare I say sadists.

Frankly, it is outside of my human cabilities to comprehend how you could put other people and actors through the process of filming this sort of crap without feeling bad. It is a mystery to me how these direct-to-video derivates, no matter how bad they are, never seem to stop. I suppose each set of fools thinks they can do better, that their film will not be a galactic turd.

If there is an upside to this whole phenomenon it is that when someone who loves a film like Star Wars decides to NOT make a fan flick or a derivative flop we should be thankful. The simple thought of not making a film can be a very enjoyable thing. Sadly, Space Chase exists and that’s a reality I won’t be able to forget anytime soon.


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