The Sugar Trap and The Bitter Truth

Having recently watched Robert H. Lustig’s lecture Sugar: The Bitter Truth I decided to look for a more cinematic documentary on the same topic of America’s toxic sugar consumption levels. I cam across this 1986 documentary, The Sugar Trap. While this is certainly more visual and contains a similar message The Sugar Trap does not deliver the same frightening message. Though, this film did teach me that Napoleon is really to blame for the explosion of sugar production. I shall have to verify that claim. True or not, The Sugar Trap is a good primer on the consumption of sugar and how America’s appetite for sugar developed and exploded out of control. It’s been over 25 since this film was made and the problem only seems worse. I know I fight it.

The Sugar Trap part 1

The Sugar Trap part 2

The Sugar Trap part 3

The Sugar Trap part 4

The Sugar Trap part 5

The Sugar Trap part 6

Sugar: The Bitter Truth Darrell Smith


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