Alternative 3

35 years ago today British TV broadcasted a documentary that exposed a conspiracy to kidnap top scientists and astronauts and colonize Mars via a secret base on the dark side of the Moon. Alternative 3 follows a team of crack journalists trying to solve the mysteries behind England’s ‘brain drain’ and to uncover the truth behind a covert operation known as Alternative 3.

Alternative 3  Network Awesome

Mind you, 35 years ago today was April 1st or that day of great pranks and foolishness. Aired as part of a regularly scheduled Science Report program, many people fell for this mockumentary hoax. Others believed that the documentary was a fraud, but that Alternative 3 was a real government conspiracy.

To read more about the hoax and the fallout, check out Network Awesome’s piece on Alternative 3.

One last point of note: one of the main reasons given as to why a Mars colony was needed was climate change! Even in 1977 they feared that the Earth’s environment might take a radical shift for the worse, or was that part of the conspiracy too?


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