Day of the Fight

Day of the Fight is a black and white boxing short made on a shoestring budget. The quality of the video could be better, but one can still sense Kubrik’s keen eye through the degradation. The blunt, informative narration lacks fits for this era of documentary, but feels out-of-place in Kubrick film.

Open Culture just ran a nice piece about Stanley Kubrick’s early documentary work. What is most interesting about the film comes from information in the article. Kubrick sought to make this film on the cheap and turn a big profit. That he thought documentary was some express ticket to riches is laughable. You have better odds making money at the horse track than in documentaries. Kubrick wised up to this a bit later when he switched from non-fiction to fiction. Check out the link after the video to see two other Kubrick documentaries.

Stanley Kubrick’s Very First Films: Three Short Documentaries  Open Culture


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