R.I.P. – Robert Hughes & American Visions Episode 1

Little did I know a few days ago that when I posted about Robert HughesShock of the New he’d soon depart from this existence. It seems every post I make, as of late, has the Spector of death about it. Perhaps, this is fitting for a blog about documentaries. So many documentaries are about life or as it is sometimes stated, “real life”, but they are also about death. Unlike fictional films, where death is visibly far more prevalent, death is still quite taboo in documentary. We hate to be reminded us of our own mortality, especially us Americans. At the same time, the thought of death often runs through documentaries. The notion that one day, we will all pass on is very real. What happens after that is up for debate, but the truth that we all die is one of the more solid truths of this world and very much a part of many documentaries.

I’d just started exploring Robert Hughes’ American Visions. Now, seems like a good time to plow ahead. Here is the first episode, get started before it is too late.



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