Sugar Hill (1974) – 5 Random Thoughts

1) Sugar Hill reminds us that zombies were not always uncontrollable, brain-hungry, monsters. The zombies in Sugar Hill are the more classical, voodoo zombies, summoned to do the bidding of their master. In this way, Sugar Hill is a throw-back to a more classic horror film.

2) Paul Maslansky only directed one film. Sugar Hill was it. Still, we can’t call him a one-hit wonder. He has a long track record of producing films like The Gun and the PulpitRace with the DevilHard TimesDamnation AlleyKingCircle of IronWhen You Comin’ Back, Red Ryder?Hot StuffScavenger Hunt. They are not common titles, but they are entertaining, if not interesting. For something more recognizable, one only need look at Maslansky’s most famous film Police Academy or its sequels. He produced Police Academy 23456, and the un-numbered Mission to Moscow. Love him or hate him for producing that series, it is far better than Cop and ½. He’s working on a re-boot of Police Academy which make financial sense, but it also pulls him farther away from the more edgier work he produced in the 70’s. 

3) Sugar (Marki Bey) has a hair-do just for killing.

If her hair is up, so is your time.

If her hair is relaxed, you too can relax







4) The one black fellow working for the gang of awful white guys comes on like such a tough guy when he’s first introduced in the film, only to be seen in the next scene shining the shoes of his white boss.

5) Dancing chicken foot. That is all. If you have seen the film, you know what I mean. If you haven’t, hopefully this leaves you curious enough to check it out.


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