Let’s Give Thanks

Two short documentaries to help us remember why we celebrate Thanksgiving and why we should be thankful for documentaries.

“also known as The Turkey Film, this is the film that inspired me more than anything else when I saw it as a high school student in 1979, screened at the Hirshorn Museum in Washington, DC. It totally re-wired my head, and I credit the director, music video pioneer Chuck Statler, with inspiring me to pursue a life in filmmaking.” – Jeff Krulick Heavy Metal Parking Lot


And then there is this…

Enjoy !


It Started with Muybridge

Maria Popova of BringPickings brought this to my attention. It’s another documentary that explains how Eadweard Muybridge’s early explorations of motion photography helped pave the way for the Atomic age. While it’s not as interesting as Zoopraxographer, this film does serve as a nice compliment to it.

In 1965, more than half a century after Muybridge passed away, the U.S. Department of Defense commissioned It Started with Muybridge — a fascinating short documentary, currently in the public domain, tracing how Muybridge’s motion studies contributed to the science and technology of the Atomic Age, from testing the safety limits of nuclear reactors to measuring the speed of supersonic missiles.

Maria Popova – Brianpickings.org

It Started with Muybridge   YouTube Brainpickings.org